Bunnies Galore

English Lop and Holland Lop breeders in NC.
Updated 1/22/2016

We raise pedigreed Holland Lop and English Lop bunnies in our small rabbitry located 20 minutes southwest of Charlotte, North Carolina.  We strive for personality and show quality and we take pride in our bunnies. We have had several First in Class Wins at ARBA Convention with our English Lops and we won BOS at the 2013 LOP NATIONALS in Ohio with our Solid English Lop Doe named Dimples!!! We have consistently produced Top Lops for the past 4 years now with the Lop Rabbit Club of America. Christa is the Zone 2 Director for the LRCA.  We have been raising these loveable bunnies for over 6 years now and focus on type and quality rather than quanity. Our rabbits will be listed on pedigrees as MBG's....which stands for My Bunnies Galore.  


We have now sold rabbits to people living in NC, SC, GA, WV, VA, TN, TX, MI, MD, OR, FL, KY, NY, WY, WI, CA, CT, CO, OH, WA, OK, RI, SD,  Canada and PA. 

                   Contact Information


Contact us at mybunniesgalore@yahoo.com.  We do answer all emails sent within 24 hours and this is the best way to reach us.