Bunnies Galore

English Lop and Holland Lop breeders in NC.
Updated 1/22/2016

               A Little About Us

  We are proud members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), the NC Rabbit Breeders Association (NCRBA), GAA, the Gaston County RBA, the Holland Lop Rabbit Speciality Club (HLRSC) and the Lop Rabbit Club of America (LRCA).    My Bunnies Galore rabbitry is registered with ARBA.  Our ARBA rabbitry # is D323.  Our rabbitry is a closed rabbitry, meaning we do not allow visitors.  This is for the safety of us and our animals.  Please see our sales policy about information regarding purchasing and the pick up of your new rabbit. You can see pictures of how our rabbits are kept by looking at the Photos page to see the "Around the Rabbitry" photo album.  


 Bunny Barn


We are located in Gaston County, North Carolina which is 20 minutes west of Charlotte, NC. We raise rabbits for show and to better the breeds and not to have bunnies to sell.  Because of the fact that we are a very small rabbitry, we do sometimes sell the rabbits that we are not keeping to show or to breed.  This is our hobby and we enjoy it! We provide our rabbits with individual attention and care and spend most of our time with them. We have had bunnies as pets for most of our lives and we are very passionate about them.  Our bunnies live in a "bunny house" which is an insulated building outside.  They have an air conditioner in the summer and heat in the winter.....(in other words, they are spoiled). They are all given time outside to get regular exercise in our bunny runs. We feed them Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe rabbit food and plenty of Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass.  They get treats such as bits of apples and bananas (sparingly) and fresh green vegetables. 


 Inside the rabbitry