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English Lop and Holland Lop breeders in NC.
Updated 1/22/2016

                       Sales Policy



Contact us at mybunniesgalore@yahoo.com to inquire about a bunny.  Please read the Bunny Care Information page for answers to your questions about bunnies!

Please understand that if you are thinking about adding a rabbit to your family, they require a lot of attention and care.  Bunnies can live 7-10 years and require a clean and safe environment to live in.  I like to be sure that my bunnies are sold to individuals that are committed to the care of their bunny for its life. 

You may contact me to set up a time to see the rabbit(s) that you are interested in and purchase a bunny at that time. This can occur at a show I am attending or a safe neutral location near me. Our rabbitry is located at our home, so for our safety we do not allow visitors.Pick up must be done in Gastonia, NC or at any show I am attending. Due to time constraints, I do not drive to meet anyone outside of Gastonia. please see the Photos page of this site and view the "Around the Rabbitry" photo album for pictures of how my rabbitry is maintained.  If you would like for me to hold one for you, I require a deposit of 1/2 the price of the bunny to hold a rabbit for you that you may send to me by mail in the form of check or money order.  I accept Paypal as well at bunniesgalorerabbitry@gmail.com  If you are using Paypal add the 3% extra to cover the fees associated with using this service. After I receive the deposit, I will update the website to show that the bunny is on "Hold".  If you do not pick up your bunny within a week of the agreed upon date, your bunny will be taken off "Hold" and will be back up for sale.  If I make efforts to contact you when your bunny is ready to be picked up and you do not respond after I make 2 attempts, then the bunny is taken off of "Hold" and will be resold to someone else. 

I will refund a deposit placed on a rabbit only if something happens to the rabbit while in my care or if I decide not to sell it for some reason.  If you change your mind or if you do not pick up your rabbit within a week of it being available it will be resold and I am not responsible for refunding your deposit. 

I will not allow any rabbit to leave my place until it is 8 weeks old at the very least.  I will often hold on to some until they are 10-12 weeks, especially the English Lops. This is for the health and overall well-being of the bunny.   

When you pick up your bunny, I require that you pay me in CASH only.  After you purchase your bunny, I will always be available to answer any questions by telephone or email that you may have.   If you can no longer take care of your bunny for any reason that you purchase from me, I will take the bunny back-no questions asked, but I am not responsible for giving you any of your money back at that time.   I want all of the bunnies that come from my place to always have a home where they are well taken care of and loved!