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English Lop and Holland Lop breeders in NC.
Updated 1/22/2016

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Sorry, we do not sell pet Holland Lops or English Lops.  Brood or potential show quality bunnies begin at $65 and up. Prices are listed below for the available bunnies. All of our stock are pedigreed and are from excellent quality lines. Please read our sales policy located on the following page.  I hope this can answer many of your questions about bunnies that are for sale.  Contact us at mybunniesgalore@yahoo.com to inquire about a bunny.  We will do our best to respond to emails within 24 hours unless we am out of town.  


           Available English Lops



None available at this time.  




            Available Holland Lops


None available at this time.  Please check back in early spring as we have 4 Holland litters in the nest box and several more due.